• Negative Space Nail Art
    Body Care 12/8/2016

    How To: Get Groovy With Negative Space Nail Art

    Spice up your holiday manicure with negative space nail art! We share how to get the look with E...

  • Acne on Scalp Causes
    Body Care 12/7/2016

    What Acne On Your Scalp May Mean

    A dermatologist explains why scalp acne can occur—plus, helpful tips on how to keep those blemis...

  • The Mistake I Made That Ruined My Spray Tan
    Body Care 11/28/2016

    The Mistake I Made That Ruined My Spray Tan

    Spray tan gone bad? You probably didn't exfoliate beforehand. Here are two easy steps to help co...

  • how to make hands look younger
    Body Care 11/25/2016

    How to Make Your Hands Look Younger

    Our hands are one of the first areas of skin to show signs of aging. Learn how to make your hand...

  • Why You Need To Wash Your Hair
    Body Care 11/22/2016

    Why You Need To Wash Your Hair

    We share five reasons why washing your hair more than once a week can be an important step in an...

celebrity nail care tips
Body Care 7/21/2016

How a Celebrity Manicurist Takes Care of A-Listers' Nails

We ask a celebrity manicurist to share her nail care tips and secrets to help you get your most gorgeous nails ever!

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