• anti-aging for men
    Skin Types 11/30/2016

    Anti-Aging for the Modern Man…Made Easy!

    50 years after Baxter launched its first product, Super Shape is getting a makeover and making a...

  • best anti-aging serums for mature skin
    Product Picks 11/24/2016

    6 Best Anti-Aging Serums for Mature Skin

    Fact: Everyone wants to look younger than their years. We share the six best anti-aging serums t...

  • How to Calm Stressed Out Skin
    Skin Types 11/21/2016

    5 Products That Can Help Calm Stressed Out Skin

    Stress can do a number on the skin. Calm your complexion down with these soothing and comforting...

  • How to Combat Oily Skin on Men
    Skin Types 11/16/2016

    Men, Here's How to Combat Your Oily Skin

    Need help battling your oily skin? We're sharing skin care tips—and product recommendations—for ...

  • Serums for Dry Skin
    Skin Types 11/16/2016

    5 Serums for Dry Skin

    Bid farewell to peeling and flaking! These are the best hydrating serums for dry skin.

guide to clay for skin care
Lifestyle 6/15/2016

How Clay Benefits Skin: Find The Best Clay for Your Skin Type

Want to know the best clays to use for your skin type and their skin care benefits? We're sharing it all here!

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